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Plural Vs. Possessive

During the editing process, one of the most often occurrences comes with the improper use of "Plural Vs. Possessive" words. In essence, plural indicates more than one, while possessive indicates ownership.

Please look at the samples below and tell me which is correct for each group:

A) I bought two books at the store yesterday.

B) I bought two book's at the store yesterday.

(NOTE: since the person clearly bought more than one book, the correct answer is "A")

A) The stores fruit was nice and fresh.

B) The store's fruit was nice and fresh.

(NOTE: As the store OWNS the fruit, the correct answer is "B", as it indicates possession of the fruit)

I hope that is helpful to you. If not, we will find it when we edit your manuscript! Please send along any comments and questions. Thank you!


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