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$0.02 per word ($300 minimum)

A Comprehensive Edit is the most in-depth level of book editing that we offer. It’s a unique blend of

  • Line Editing

  • Structural Editing

  • A Written Editors' Report.

  • Plus all of the features of our Copyediting procedures

Line Editing

During the Line Editing process, THREE of our editors (myself, plus two others) will work through your manuscript, while we polish and sharpen your text, line by line. Perhaps you’ve overwritten a scene, maybe your narrative is difficult to follow because of unusual transitions, maybe some crucial information has been deleted, etc. (not to worry, these issues are normal for all of us!). But, whatever the case, the Line Editing process will identify these areas of concern for you.

But, as you might have guessed, we do not stop there. Our editors will correct these errors for you and explain why the corrections were made so that you can learn from the process. Yes, we will still correct grammar and typos (we just can't control ourselves!), but the main purpose of the Line Editing process is to focus on the strength and use of language in your story.


Structural Editing

During the Structural Editing process, THREE editors (again, myself and two other professional editors) will give you detailed feedback on anything that could benefit from some revision. Perhaps a character is doing or saying something that does not ring true, maybe a scene could do with a bit more tension, or maybe some characters or actions need more or less detail. In any regard, our finalized product to you will share our thoughts with you and provide advice and suggestions for improvement. Feedback is given in embedded comments in your manuscript.

Editors' Report

Our Editors' Report is a most valuable tool as it focuses on crucial issues that will not only improve your manuscript, but will give you the creative tools to become a better writer for your next endeavor.

Common issues that we often include in our report are clunky dialogue, slow passages, plot holes, inconsistent author voice, changing the order of events, removing a problem section, refocusing on the key events of your story, and over-description. In our Editors' Report to you, we identify the issues AND we suggest ways to fix them. As your personal editors, our aim is to allow you to gain the knowledge as to how your story can be improved.

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