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First of all, let me be clear - I will be the only one to fully ghostwrite your book for you! This will not be given to other writers or farmed out. I will fully complete your book from beginning to end, although I will use other editors to edit my work before I submit it to you for your approval. 


The ghostwriting process starts by getting to know you and your story. I will talk with you at great length about your life, your business, your ideas, etc., so that I can get the “big picture” of what you want to say to readers.  


From these initial discussions, I will develop a chapter outline for your book. Having an organization or structure at the start helps a writer to zero in on the exact specifics that you want the world to know. You will have complete approval over the final outline of the book before the actual writing begins.  


Once you and I have established the book’s organization, we will continue to communicate on a weekly basis, as I will continue to write the book chapter by chapter. You will have the opportunity to review each chapter and give me comments about the voice, style, and content, and I will revise the writing based on your feedback. Ghostwriting is a collaborative, creative, back-and-forth process, in which you will be continuously providing your input. We will continue this process until the book is completed. 


Why entrust me with your story? In addition to my deep and wide-ranging experiences with writing and editing in all genres, I will provide you with important services that many other ghostwriters do not.


  • As I indicated above, I will personally write your entire book for you. From start to finish, you will have my personal attention and dedication to your project.


  • My fees are all-inclusive, which cover research, writing, transcribing, editing, and final correcting and proofreading. You will control all rights to your book and you will receive all royalties. Even if you make a million dollars, your only financial obligation to me is the agreed-upon flat fee for ghostwriting and for completing your manuscript. 

  • Some ghostwriters set a specific limit on the number of rewrites you are entitled to. I do not set such a limit. I will rewrite and edit your book until you are fully satisfied with the final product. I will not stop until you are fully satisfied with your manuscript. When I am finished, you will have zero work to do, other than to get the book published. 

  • I will write the jacket copy for you—the description of the book that goes on the back cover and/or the jacket flaps. You can have the greatest book in the world, but if it is not well described in the jacket copy your potential readers will not know that. I will personally do that for you. 


  • I will offer realistic and personalized advice on publishing options. Some of my authors have published with traditional royalty publishers, while others have self-published. If needed, I will take the time to explain the difference between the two options. By guiding you through the publishing process, I will help you to find the best publishing option for your book. 

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